Anonymous: if i payed you 500$ would you make me a poster with every league character on it?

nope too much work I don’t trust myself for

Anonymous: Can I use your poro to put on a shirt? I would like to give it to my baby niece as a gift. Thanks!

sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, as long as you don’t sell it to your…uhh baby niece somehow.

I hope your niece likes it :p

masculbin: Hi :D. First Im Korean, so I can see U in LoLKor(naver cafe). But recently U didn't come LoLKor... So I want to see U in Lol Kor again. Can I see U again in LoLKor ? /// 텀블러 한글안되는지알고 영어찾아가며 썻지만 아까워서 그냥 영어로 기재함 ....

uhh I do visit from time to time

I just don’t post my drawings nor I translate things anymore because I’m too busy x_x (plus there is a better person who posts translation with better quality and explanations with high knowledge of the game, plus he takes fucking videos you gotta give him credit for that)

Anonymous: love u ;) NOFUCKU

me too bud

Anonymous: Hi :3 im just starting an anime tumblr, and i found ur poros (sooo cute btw) and i was wondering if it as okay for me to use them on my new tumblr has a side pic? :3 tyvm ^^

sure, go ahead~

Anonymous: Guess who I am!! (hint: we katok everyday)

uhhhh if we katalk every day it probably means you’re my korean friend…. and I have lots of korean friends….that I talk to every day… uhh…. 

Anonymous: Hey, your poro drawings are really unique and I'm a fan! Are you active on league? I don't think Shyroomish is an existing ign on NA server. And what division are you in, just curious :D

nah, I no longer play league of legends, I actually quit June of last year. 

but I am considering of starting up again, not sure.

just for funsies

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Anonymous: Hey there, its Poro funpage again! (check us out on fb under the 'porolovers'). We asked before, but we did not see your reply, so pardon our stubbornies, but we will ask again - can we use some of your pretty poros on our page with a proper adnotation ofc? Pretty pretty please! :C Inquin (admin)

Yeah go ahead~

Officer Vi

oops forgot the tattoo



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